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Tinhari Sand Race : «Back to the basics»
where the desert whispers in our ears.
photos LAZ Agency
The Tinhari Sand Race is organized by the team which, since 2015, has set up the first 4 editions of the Sahari Rally alongside Chihab Baloul, president of the Algerian Federation of Mechanical Sports (FASM). 4 editions more and more efficient, more and more complete and more and more appreciated by the participants. A well- established, trained team with experience dating back to the best years of rallies-raids in Africa. A team, always attentive to the participants, who knew how to change the profile of the rally towards more open spaces, towards more deserts, more tracks, more dunes, to find the initial concept and return to the Sources of the Rallies-raids. It was around this idea of evolution that the Tinhari Sand Race was born, with a concept that adopts the profile of major international rallies-raids. But with a more affordable price target that will allow the maximum of competitors and raiders to participate in this extraordinary adventure. The Tinhari Sand Race aims to be both the worthy successor of the first four editions of the Sahari Rally and the resurrection of the spirit of the ancient rallies-raids we have known in the past. The Tinhari Sand Race has the sole will to always offer extraordinary courses, respecting the standards set by international federations and welcoming all those who want to discover the discipline of rally-raid. In the following pages, you will discover the first details of this rally which promises to reconnect with the authentic spirit of the first rallies-raids.
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