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From which port to go to Algeria? From France, 2 ports serve Algeria: Marseille and Sète. We advise Marseille because you will travel with the Algerian company which reserves its best rates to participants in the Tinhari Sand Race. From Spain, from Alicante, Algiers and Oran are served. What is the starting city of the rally? The technical inspections will take place in El Oued on February 8, 2020. Can we rent a car in Algeria to make the category Raid? Find these contacts on the Services page of www.tinhari.com. What do engagement prices include? Find this information on the page Presentation / Tariff of the site www.tinhari.com. Is there a visa to enter Algeria? How to get it? It takes a visa to enter Algeria. It is easily obtained at the consulate where your place of residence depends. AMA Event will issue you an invitation letter that will make it easy for you. Attention: Obtaining a visa requires having proof of repatriation insurance Do the raid and historical categories follow the same route? The Raid category follows the race but starts after the last competitor. For History engaged in Raid, it's the same thing. Is the navigation done on the Road Book? Yes, FIA / FIM Standard Road-Book. Are GPS allowed? Personal GPS is prohibited and may result in the exclusion of fraudsters. Your vehicle will be equipped with the STELLA system which allows you to follow the participants on the course, to validate the mandatory control points, to warn when another vehicle wants to overtake, to send distress signals in case of mechanical problem or health. Where can I find the various regulations? The regulations are currently in progress and will soon be available on the website, but overall they follow the requirements of the FIA ​​rules. What should be the autonomy of my bike? of my car? You must be able to travel 150 km by motorbike and quad and 500 km by car and truck. What is the total mileage of the rally? The rally will travel about 3000 km. The final figure will be known after the reconnaissance conducted in November 2019. Are medical services provided? Yes, Helicopter and 4X4 Mobile Ambulances are on the course. A medical team is available every evening at the bivouac for small sores. Is there a special license? An international license is required for foreign competitors, a national license for Algerian competitors. Is the F.I.A regulation enforced? F.I.M? Absolutely. The sporting regulations follow the FIM and FIA regulations. Are there any cases of exclusion? Some frauds are punishable by an exclusion decided by the college of commissioners. What is the tracking / tracking / navigation device adopted? We use the STELLA system (see above). What are the customs formalities to be completed? You must have the vehicle papers in your name or, failing that, the owner's permission. Depending on the equipment transported, it will be good to write a customs declaration detailing the contents of the shipment. If you do not drive your own vehicle, it will be necessary to provide an ATA carnet which allows the passage in customs without the presence of the owner. How to transport my bike? My tools? my spare parts? Services offered by partners can take care of the transport of the car, motorcycle and spare parts. In this case, it will be necessary to envisage a carnet ATA which allows the passage in customs without the presence of the owner. Find these contacts on the Services page of www.tinhari.com. How are we housed? Fed on the spot? Are there other accommodations? Food is included in the proposed rate. Breakfast, Lunch with packed lunch and Dinner. The accommodation is also included some days at the hotel, but most of the time in the form of bivouac. If you want to book a hotel where it is not planned and where it is possible, our secretariat will take care of your reservations. Is the rally category accessible to a beginner? The raid ? All rallymen have a day started ...! Yes, a beginner can participate in rally or raid and beginners can participate in Sheherazade Rally. Steering and navigation training sessions (in France) will be offered before departure. The raid takes place on the same course, with the same difficulties, speed less. Is the rally covered by insurance? The rally is of course assured, however we advise, to simplify possible traffic problems to take out insurance available on the arrival port for a few dinars. If I crash or get a breackdowm in a special, or on the way. What is going on ? If you can not help by yourself, you have to wait for one of the broom trucks that will take care of you. You will receive a penalty equal to the time of the race of the slowest competitor to which will be added the penalties for all missed CPs. Can I invite my wife or my friends with me? What is the amount of their registration? Yes, you can take out "accompanying" registrations at the rate of € 890 for 2020. If your assistance is equipped with a vehicle, you will have to register it at the standard rate in the assistance category. What do I have to pay for the commitment of my assistance vehicle? of my mechanics? The registration of a mechanic is at the price of € 890 for 2020. Is there a road book for assistance? Yes, the assistance vehicles receive daily the road book which mentions the important appointments (departure, arrival). What will be the temperature day / night at the time of the rally? In February, the temperature in Algeria varies greatly depending on the time of day. At more than 20 ° C during the day, temperatures can become negative at night. The more the rally goes south, the higher the temperatures will rise, but the northern part, higher in altitude, is therefore colder.
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