Tinhari Sand Experience H/F Ladies Opus



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where the desert whispers in our ears.
where the desert whispers in our ears.
Due to the pandemic situation of the Corona Virus Covid-19 resulting in the postponement of most rallies and the date conflicts that this will generate at the end of the year, the first edition of the Tinhari Sand Experience H/F is postponed to 2021. But this is not abandonment; it is only a matter of postponing this event for a few months, the dates scheduled for October are the target of most of the reports of which we have been aware. We will communicate in good time on the new timing of this beautiful event which will lead you to the magnificent environment of the great Algerian ergs. For its part, the Tinhari Sand Race is maintained on the dates initially indicated from 10/31 to 11/15. We draw the attention of people (men or women) interested in the Tinhari Sand Experience H/F that the Opus "Grand Raid" of the Tinhari Sand Race takes up the concept of adventure without a stopwatch but with a competition using quality navigation and self-resourcing of competing crews. OPUS GRAND RAID page