This edition of the Tinhari Sand Experience H/F is rather dedicated to female crews, but also offers a mixed formula (Woman / Man) and a solely male formula. This rally will be extremely innovative and strongly oriented towards adventure and individual performance, while offering an ever-increasing level of security with the installation of private and military airborne assets, as well as 4X4 ambulances scattered on the ground. The Tinhari Sand Experience H/F will benefit from the same device as if it were a real speed race. The FIA ​​/ FIM rally-raid safety regulations are respected and highlighted, without however requiring the competitors the level of preparation required in international regulations. The Tinhari Sand Experience H/F adopts a policy resolutely turned towards the adventure generated by desert racing, with in particular the use of standardized FIA / FIM Road-Book. However, during each stage, a course of navigation on the cape and on the map, classic in this type of rally will be to realize. Each evening, at the bivouac, a festive atmosphere will mix tradition and relaxation around good meals prepared by our own cook and his team.



Bike			Quad			SxS			Car		Truck
Timing Ferry Marseille-Oran 08/10 Marseille - Departure Ferry to Oran 09/10 Oran Arrival Custom Formalities Administrative and Technical check-up - Hôtel Event Timing 10/10 Oran-Tiout : Waylink 267km SS1 142km Waylink 126km 11/10 Tiout-Taghit : Waylink 241km SS2 90km Waylink 18km 12/10 Taghit-Taghit : Waylink 5km SS3 215km Waylink 5km 13/10 Taghit - Beni Abbes : Waylink 5km SS4 140km 14/10 Beni Abbes-Timimoun : Waylink 55km SS5 198km Waylink 65km 15/10 Timimoun-Brezina : Waylink 370km SS6 213km 16/10 Brezina-Alger : Waylink 610km Closing Gala Ferry Alger-Marseille 17/10 Alger - Departure Ferry to Marseille 18/10 Marseille Arrival
Due to the dates of the 2020 ferries not yet validated,   these dates can be modified by a one or two days.
Photo Sonja Vietto Ramus
2020, october 8 - 17