The "Grand Raid" opus takes place on the same route as the Rally and therefore has the same magical character presented by the landscapes crossed. The "Grand Raid" opus benefits from the same framing and security provisions as the Rally. You can participate in the "Grand Raid" opus with your everyday motorcycle, quad, SxS 4WD or SUV, if it is in perfect working order, registered and provided with a valid technical control. However, security requires specific compulsory equipment (see details). The "Grand Raid" album follows the same program as the race, but without the constraints of time. The stages are exactly identical to those of the race, but for safety reasons, the "Grand Raid" opus starts after the departure of the last competitor of the "Rally" opus. The vehicles entered in the "Grand Raid" are subject to a competition and a classification which excludes any notion of speed, each one following its own rhythm. The classification is established according to two criteria: Respect for the route of the stage and the distance actually traveled, with regard to the reference distance entered in the Road-Book. Like the vehicles in the race, vehicles registered in the "Grand Raid" opus will be equipped with a tracking-rescue system. Here, it is the OWAKA system which guarantees total security at a lower cost. Vehicles registered in the "Grand Raid" opus must be equipped with a reliable and tamper-proof odometer. The original counter is a good example. A drift value will be calculated after the first link and applied to all subsequent results.
Mandatory equipment
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Grand Raid The Race without Race…
Specific Regulation GRAND RAID Provisional
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