Rally Sheherazade
photo Sonja Vietto Ramus
where desert whispers to the ear of women.
The Sheherazade Rally takes place at the same time as the race itself, but is animated by a dedicated team from the organization, a team that is experienced in women's events. The Sheherazade Rally is protected by the same safety device and shares the same bivouacs, but the spirit of the women's rally is to privilege individual adventure and navigaation to any form of speed and timing. The Sheherazade Rally progresses overall on the same route as the race, but on different tracks, separated by a few kilometers. Thus, the Sheherazade Rally is a real desert race that visits the values of the authentic adventure and provides this great exaltation, this incisive and so delicate flavor that will sublimate your senses and your most poignant memories for years after the adventure will be over. A majestic universe that can only glimpse those who have discovered the magic and magnificence of the desert that we only meet in the most remote and immense places!
Rally Sheherazade
SHEHERAZADE RALLY the Tinhari Sand Race‘s Women Opus
After 4 years experience the Sahari Rally organisation in Algeria, the Tinhari Sand Race , under the hands of the same team, opens a new opus to his operation "The Great Desert Crossing": the Sheherazade Rally reserved for women crews.