Rally Sheherazade
The Sheherazade Rally adopts a resolutely "desert race" policy, including a marathon stage (with possible assistance for women crews) of 700 km over 2 days. Each evening, at the bivouac, each participant will be able to share their experience. experience with crew members of all opus, in a framework of conviviality and warmth. A festive atmosphere that combines tradition and relaxation around good meals prepared by the chef of the rally and his team. The steps of the Sheherazade Rally are divided into three stages: 1- An opening link to the Road Book and GPS security ( provided) to reach the start of the day. The safety GPS will guide you until the end of the connection. 2- The daily test during which the safety GPS is automatically neutralized for navigation, but continues to allow the monitoring of competitors to ensure their safety and make sure that the course of the event is respected. Competitors must trace their own path using the map and the compass or compass to validate one by one, the controls they are asked to find. The ranking responds to two factors: The total distance traveled during the test and the validation of the controls. 3- At the end of the race of the day, a link to the Road Book and GPS security leads you to the bivouac. This method has the advantage of being able, thanks to the links, to cover greater distances to participate in a high-level and extremely typical "rally-raid" construction and sports event.
However, the speed race, the major opus of the Tinhari Sand Race , remains open to women's teams who want to compete against the clock and other teams of all kinds and nationalities.
photo Sonja Vietto Ramus